Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Some new stuff I've added to the youtube channel

Tamam Shud - Im No One

DJ Meatnappy - Toastcore. A joke tune I made years ago that I thought should be shared with the world!!! Ha ha

Krust - Warhead. I cant understand why there is no video on youtube for this? There used to be I'm sure. Classic D&B

Seriously neglected blog ang gigs for the bhuna

Ive been neglecting this blog to no end I know. Ive been super busy with DJing etc. Kendal Calling and the Sailor Jerry bar were amazing!!! Big thanks to all involved. Beckfest this weekend plus .......

Solfest on the 18th Aug

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 19th Aug

Audio Soup Festival on the 27th Aug

15th Sept @ The Melting pot

Stig of the dump (forgot the date for that one oooops) Sept?

DJ Woody @ The Brickyard 1st Oct

Plus Ive Joined a band Charles of the Ritz. We have gigs on sept 10th @ The Brickyard and Gigs on the 13th and 14th of ocober in Glasgow and Edinburgh !!! So im a busy bee. Will try to update the blog properly soon!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Far Far East Of The River Caldew

A genre hoping trip through the far east. Expect Anatolian rock, funk, psych and beat from Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkey, Hungary and Thiland 

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Free Tribute to Blind Willie Johnson

Check out this free download. It's a 2cd tribute to Blind Willie Johnson from all those hip cats at www.cigarboxnation.com! http://shanespeal.com/fr_blindwillie.cfm

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Buffets - Saucy Jack

"On the afternoon of Sunday April 3rd, 2005, SISTER TIFFANY LEE flew in from Seattle and THE BUFFETS had their first rehearsal. On Monday the 3rd the girls recorded their debut album, and on Tuesday the 4th it was mixed and considered great. On Friday the 8th they played their first and final show with their male counterparts, THE BUFF MEDWAYS, to a full house at London ’s famous Dirty Water Club. Next day, Sister Tiffany flew home again. This is the record of that brief moment in rock and roll history. It was a hectic week but one that will hopefully encourage others to do less, quickly."

A fantastic tale of Rock ‘n’ Roll legend!  However I fear it may be somewhat of a tall one: Very little information can be found about this band and that may be no accident; For The Buffetts - put together by Billy Childish in 2005 and consisting of Sister Tiffany Lee Linnes: vocals and guitar (Ex Stuck-ups singer), Nurse Julie: bass and vocals (Chatham Singers) Matron Bongo: drums and vocals (Ex Headcoatee/Dutronc/Speed Of Sound) - may not have actually played their instruments on this album. 

As with a lot Childish/Medway era Garage Rock revival bands put together by Childish, The Buffets were the female counterparts to an all male outfit The Buff Medways and covered all Buff Medways material.  As was the case with other bands of this ilk such as The Headcoatees and The Delmonas, it was the original all male band that provided the instrumentation whilst their female counterparts simply provided the vocals - I suspect this may have been a similar set up.

DO NOT let that thought put you off though because the music The Buffets provide on this album is pure, wild, frenzied, full of piss & vinegar Rock ‘n’ Roll that smashes, bashes, thumps and rolls its way through town, flattening every plastic punk, piece loving hippy and briefcase carrying business man in its way with out discrimination.  The Buffets have nothing to prove, they care for nothing and want nothing.  They are a snarling, frantic beast that could only have ever lived a short life. The entire purpose of their existence being to record these fourteen drum heavy fuzzed out rock ‘n’ roll punk songs, then after a solitary live performance they crawled off to die alone in the dark, damp, piss and vomit stained ally from which they were born, leaving only this album as their legacy but what a legacy to leave. This is Saucy Jack.

Misty Waters

Troubled Mind

Just 15

Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Two New Uploads To My Youtube Channel

EP 4 - Robothood Process: From their album -  lingua Franca 1 

Pierre Louvet - Micro Magnon: From the album Karate K 1 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Some more summer dates for Lambhuna

30th April - Pickled In The Paddock festival

1st July - Beathurder festival

23rd July - Cockrock festival

14th Aug - Beckfest festival

Go Folk Yourself

first mix in a while its a folk mix with snippets of 60s LSD testing interviews and the god of psychedelic and mind expanding philosophy Dr Timothy Leary over layed. If you dont like folk...... GO FOLK YOURSELF! your missing out

Ten Mix Tapes You Need

Ten mix tapes you need in your life. In no particular order:

1) DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze

Recorded live from two practice sessions in preparation for a forthcoming tour: DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist mix, scratch & blend rarer than hens teeth heavy funk & soul gems like you have never heard before. Originally released and sold in extremely limited numbers on said tour, then bootlegged in to a worldwide sensation.

2) David Holmes - Come Get It I Got It

A call to arms from Mr Holmes. Psych, Jazz, Funk & Soul mixed in with songs from Holmes's own outfit The Free Association.

3) Sasha & John Digweed - Northern Exposure

A mix that at the time almost single handedly changed my musical life. 

4) Andy Smith (Portishead) - Radio One Essential Mix 23/04/1995

An amazing Essential Mix from Portishead DJ Andy Smith. Funk, Soul, Pschedelics and Trip Hop are the order of the day. Download it (and other Andy Smith mixes) free from here: http://www.djandysmith.com/downloads.php

5) DJ Yoda - How To Cut & Patse 1930's Edition

That crazy mutha Yoda has gone berserk chopping, mixing and scratching classic blues, jazz & swing from the 30's & 40's with hip hop, drum & bass and dubstep from the last few years with amazing effect!!

6) Andy Votel - Music To Watch Girls Cry

The first in a series of mixes from Andy that showcase bizzare and beautiful psych, soundtracks, library, folk & anatolian rock from the last 40 years.

7) Larry Levan - Live At The Paradise Garage 1979

Recorded live in 1979, the legend that is Larry Levan's Paradise garage. Need I say more? Club culture was pretty much born here!

8) Graeme Park - Hacienda Classics (given away in limited numbers with Pete Tongs essential selection 1998)

Classic house tunes that rocked Madchesters most legendary club.

9) Cherrystones - Crawl Back To Mine

A fine selection of psychedelica, glam, garage & proto punk released in very limited numbers from London's Cherrystones.

10)  DJ Spinna - Strange Games & Things

70's Jazz-funk & soul mixed and scratched to perfection.

Paul Parrish - English Sparrow

New upload to my youtube channel 

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show @ The Brickyard Carlisle 25/03/2011


This Friday the 25th. This is the spiel copied directly from the Brickyard site @ www.thebrickyardonline.com.


Plus support from: LAMBHUNA & TIM FORRESTER

Yes, Craig Charles, performance poet, Red Dwarf, Robot Wars, Coronation Street and a MASSIVE soul and funk fan. “When BBC 6Music asked me to do a show I only had one condition, it has to be a soul and funk show otherwise I wasn’t interested” And so the ‘Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show’ came into being right at the very start of 6Music, way back in March 2002.

The show is currently broadcast every Saturday night between 7 and 10 and is also available at any time through the listen again facility on the BBC 6Music website. “Since its inception I have been interested in all varieties of soul and funk music without imposing any barriers and I am just as enthusiastic about fresh new talent as I am about the classic artists from the golden age of the 60s and 70s”

“Here are a few of the names I have had on the show:- Gil Scott Heron, James Brown, Roy Ayers, Cymande, Marlena Shaw, Paul Weller & Primal Scream, Terry Callier, Candi Staton, Marva Whitney, The Roots and the Jungle Brothers as well as the leading players of the new school Kokolo, Cut Chemist, Sharon Jones, Osaka Monaurail, Amp Fiddler, Amy Winehouse, The New Mastersounds, Smoove and Turrell, Quantic, The Apples, The Grits, JTQ, and The Fusion Experience. I have also recently encouraged unsigned bands to get in touch and send in their demos to get played on the show and have had a great response with some seriously good music being sent to me from all over the globe. I am a massive fan of this music and to get the opportunity to spread the word is a dream come true”
Last year Mr Charles packed up his trunk of funk and enjoyed a handful of DJ gigs. He now has a monthly residencies at Band on the Wall in Manchester and Bloomsbury Blowing Lanes in London. His DJ set was also voted by the SUN newspaper one of the highlights of Glastonbury “Craig Charles brought his SUPERB BBC6 Funk and Soul Show to the Pussy Parlure on Saturday” July 2009. With lots of UK festival gigs under his belt, Glastonbury, Kendal Calling, Big Chill, Limetree Festival, Mostly Jazz & Vintage At Goodwood .... It doesn╩╝t look like the funk is going to stop anytime soon! 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Gig dates for Lambhuna over the next few months.

19th march - voodoo lounge @ The Brickyard (carlisle)

25th march - Craig Charles funk & soul club @ The Brickyard (carlisle)

2nd April - hustle @ The Brickyard (carlisle)

16th April - Rattle Dem Bones @ barkollo (Newcastle)

30th April - electric soul (Galashiels)

10th - 12th June - Eden festival (Dumfires & Galloway)

17th - 19th June - ravenstonedale festival (Ravenstonedale)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Raj - Raj Get Hot At The Gurkha Grill

Taken from the Andy Votel compilation: Songs of Insolence, Raj owner of the Gurkha Grill eatery raps about fish and chip and pepper chicken. Check it out.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Youtube Channel

Do to the growing frustration of not being able to find certain songs on youtube, I have decided to start my own youtube channel.
The videos that I upload to this channel I will also upload to here. These are the first few uploads.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Junglist C#nt 1992-1994

Something a little different from me but I've always had a soft spot for Jungle / Hardcore from this era, so why on earth not.

Some of the mixing is a bit crap in places but it was just recorded on a turd free DJ thing. No sync buttons or anything like that used, blah blah blah. Give it a listen, I think the tunes should be good enough to see it through.

Put yer Hamster in its ball, me grannys fucking the coal man and all that malarky ;-)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Up & Coming Gigs for Lambhuna

19th Feb: The Voodoo Lounge @ The Brickyard (Carlisle)

9th March: Barkollo (Newcastle)

25th March: The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show @ The Brickyard (Carlisle)

Also because I was unable to do a January podcast, the February one is going to be a two hour double edition.

Featuring a special look at some of the gems I've picked up from the one and only Vimto @ The Music Box. Hopefully I'll prove to you that there is good - cheap vinyl to be found everywhere, even in our gray and misty town!

The Great Meatnappy Mix Up

Another mix from the archives. Recorded about four years ago.

Another mp3 mix at the time although I have quite a few of them on the old black wax now.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rock & Roll Has Got To Go

A mix that I recorded about three or four years ago to be given out in limited numbers at one of our gigs.

This mix is one of the few mixes that I will post here that is made up of mp3's. Most mixes that I post are compiled entirely from original vinyl and a few reissues.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Strange Unearthly Creatures podcast Jan 2011

It is with some regret that I must inform you that due to technical difficulties (broken laptop)that Januarys edition of the podcast may not happen. Fear not ifi can't get it done this month I will make sure next months will be a deffinate goer! Took out for some old mixes of mind that I will post up here on Thursday!