Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lulu - Love Loves To Love

Every now and then a popular artist of the day lets down their plasticised shiny pop hair and does something truly incredible: records a song for the sake of music! Yes they forget about being commercially viable, throw caution to the wind, undo their top button and just go for it. 
The reasons for this sudden flit to the darker side of the cabbage patch is unclear but from time to time it does happen. As is the case with this here breakbeat, fuzzed up, Mod Soul offering from Lulu. 
What's even more exceptional is that for Lulu this crazy care free adventure is not just a one off! If your lucky (as I was) you may come across one of these for a few pounds from a charity chop or a seller unaware that this is not your average Lulu pop 45. But beware, most are in the know and I have seen this little beauty go for over £20 on a popular internet auction site.

Love Loves To Love

The Peddlers - Tell The World Were Not In

Mancunian Mod Jazztsers The Peddlers first met in a Manchester music shop some time in 1963. Each of the trio eager to for pastures new as their previous ventures in to life as musicians had fallen flat and disbanded. 

Their new trio (originally called The Song Peddlers) did well and were soon recording for Philips and realised there first single in 64.
This is my personal favourite of theirs its from 1970 and titled: Tell The World We're Not In. I agree, go away, we're not bloody in!

Tell The World We're Not In

Rainy Day London

Monday, 15 November 2010

Mondo Circus Bizzaro

A mix I did earlier today after smoking a funny fag. It is without doubt the strangest and most peculiar of mixtape I have ever created.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

V.A Weiner Blutrausch

One day as you are flicking through a box of dusty old records - Val Doonican, Glen Campbell & 'Scottish bagpipe bands covering popular hits of the 60s' - thinking about what to have for your tea, when your eyeballs cast a glance across this shockingly striking album cover.  After the initial shocked pause subsides; the tiny little electrons have hopped in frenzied hurry into their Noddy cars and driven at full speed up the optic nerve, violently swerving in and out of the traffic shaking there fists and shouting 'GET OUT OF MY WAY MORONS, I HAVE POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE BRAIN!' 
However upon receiving this information, the brain is not sure what to make of it:

 'What on earth is this?' 

'Is it some kind of dark twisted Wurlitzer led circus music for lunatics?' 

'or, is it some kind of early 80s hardcore in a similar vein to the likes of Gang Green?' 

Well my friends, the answer is none of the above!  
This is actually some kind of rare subterranean mutant beast that dwells beneath a desolate battleground, somewhere between off kilter Zappa-esque prog and perverted post punk & new wave.  Flip the cover over and you will see, this is in fact a compilation; five underground  Austrian bands doing two or three songs each, almost like a showcase or record label sampler (as it were).  Each band (remarkably tight) seems to flit back and forth between avant guard progressive rock, jazz, punk, synth led new wave funk and virtuoso hardcore flip flop.

'What on earth?' 

After the initial shock subsides, the brain  has resumed normal function, and the electrons and their noddy cars have drifted back peacefully into going about their daily business.  

You surmise: 'by Jove I think I get it!'  'it makes sense!'  'in fact - I'm keen as mustard!'

Track list

1) Drahdiwaberl - Kaiseryhmne Pink Punk Shirt
2) Drahdiwaberl - Low And Order Man

3) Mini-Sex - Tropic Chaotic
4) Mini-Sex - Valium 
5) Mini-Sex - Dark Visions

6) Metzlutzcas Erben - Infrarot Klosett

7) Chuzpe - Panik Alanig
8) Chuzpe - Beislanarchie
9) Chuzpe - Terror In Klein-Babylon

10) Maudbuben AG - Maudbuben AG
11) Maudbuben AG - Mi Hat, Mi Hat Der Grossenwhan
12) Maudbuben AG - Heimatland

13) Metzlutzcas Erben - Weg Vom Fenster

Drahdiwaberl - Kaiseryhmne Pink Punk Shirt

Mini-Sex - Tropic Chaotic

Metzlutzcas Erben - Infrarot Klosett

Maudbuben AG - Mi Hat, Mi Hat Der Grossenwhan

Chuzpe - Terror In Klein-Babylon

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Funky Canned Meat

"I know you got soul, or else you wouldn't be in here"

Funky Canned Meat, a supreme selection of late 60's / early 70's Funk, Soul and Boogaloo. Clear a space on the floor and start dancing!!!!!!!