Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Strange Unearthly Creatures Podcast Halloween 2010

Calling all Ghosts, Ghouls, Monsters, Vampires, Freaks and Geeks. The the third instalment of this monthly podcast is a Halloween special!

One whole hour of Rock & Roll Horror hits, Screeming Psychoblilly & Eye Popping Psychedelics!!!


A staple in The Brickyard calendar, this notorious night sees zombies, ghosts and ghouls travel from near and far. A genuine alternative night for those looking for something different, featuring DJs Jonny Bordello, Jonny Sharpe, Mr Chipp & Sam P playing savage soul, eye-popping psychedelics and horrifying hip hop.

The Brickyard's henchmen will be pulling out all the stops to transform the venue into something the Twilight zone would be proud of. Entry is £4 and there's even free punch for those lucky enough to get there early

Friday, 15 October 2010

Ten Of My Favourite Computer Games From My Youth

After playing some Vintage arcade games earlier today, I felt inspired to rediscover some of my favourite computer games of the 80's and early 90's

1) Galaxian 

Possibly the first computer game I ever played. My uncle had it on his Commadore Vic 20. Originally released in 1979 this is the oldest game on my list. It does not stray far from the "Space Invaders" Formula. 

2) Paperboy

A truly original concept for a game, imagine its creators trying to pitch that sale, "So whats the premise of your game?" "Erm well, you errr, basically you err deliver newspapers" The funny thing is though that the game is amazing!! Throw papers from your bike to the mail box, try not to smash any windows, avoid all the cars and lawnmowers etc and tackle the BMX track at the end of each level. Mint!!! Hours of addictive juvenile fun.

3) Flimbo's Quest

Collecting scrolls and avoiding monsters is the name of the game in this addictive late 80's platformer for the Commadore 64.

4) Super Skidmarks

Race as a Motor Cow, race as a Motor Cow with a caravan attached, dont get lost and go the wrong way, hit "sweet" doubles and leave skidmarks on every corner in this crazy racing came for the Amiga. My personal favourite's were the pick up trucks (dont ask me why) My favourite colour was mauve (dont ask me why) One thing I can tell you is: I used up many hours of my life on this bugger!!!!

5) Golden Axe

Play as the Barbarian, the Dwarf or the other one. Ride dragons, collect potions, get the dastardly thieves! Hack, slash and burn your way through level after level of baddies and boss men. Surely everybody knows this classic side scrolling twat um up!

6) Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun 

Could this be the only circus game to have even been in existence? I'm not sure, probably not. But it may be the best. 
High dive, Juggle, Knife throw, Tightrope, Trapeze and Human Cannonball are all here to contend with, and if that was not enough, that fiendish old divil Freddy is trying to put a spanner in the works at every opportunity! Hours of fun in the big top!!!

7) Target Renegade

If you owned this on the C64 (which I did) then it was possible the hardest and most annoying Double Dragon imitation on the market. I think I only made it past the first level once! But that said for some reason I loved it. 
To be honest this game played far far better on the Spectrum. You could even play two player co-op on that and had an extra move where you could beat the turd out of people when they were sparked out on the floor. But alas, for that you had to sacrifice the quality of graphics and colours, which on the Spectrum were quite frankly poo!

8) Speed Ball 2

A new sport? or a hybrid of existing sports with added ultra violence? Smash and batter your opponent in to submission. Button mash your team to victory, if you beat um enough the medics will come and take um away!!

9) How To Be A Complete Bastard

Your at a party and the aim of the game is to be a complete bastard. You cant get better than that. Fill condoms with coleslaw, stab people with pens, piss in the plant pots, fart, eat frozen chicken causing you to catch salmonella, ratch through people's jacket pockets and open an umbrella in the house causing you to turn in to an oven! Enough said!!!!!! 

10) California Games

Surfing, BMX, Skate boarding, Frisbee etc. Surely every one knows the score with this one? For me it was all about the BMX!!!!!!!! (Although the rest were good too)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Rock N Roll Horror Hop

Another chance to listen to and download my Halloween themed Rock N Roll mix CD that was given away free at the first Rock N Roll Horror Hop @ The Brickyard a few years ago!!