Thursday, 23 December 2010

Strange Unearthly Creatures Podcast December 2010

Could this be the best one yet? It is my opinion that it is! Featuring matirial from The Acid Facists & Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion. Plus loads more!!

Check It Out!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Super Guitar Of Lightnin' Red

Every now and then as you're idly flicking through a musty old box of records in a charity shop, boot fair or even your local musical disk emporium. You come across a record that makes you stop and think: 'That's got to be worth a go' Even more so when you notice the price is only 50p.
Most of the time you have no clue what it is about the record you are holding that has made you feel such a way, other than it is indeed, exactly that - a "feeling".  This feeling could be down to a simple case of a nice cover picture, or a name you are sure you recognise or have read about somewhere, something that makes you certain it is going to be good, on the other side of the coin of course, it can be that this record looks so ridiculous, you have just got to find out what its banter is.

For me upon my chance meeting with old Lightnin' Red at a car boot sale all those years ago it was definitely the latter: 
A combination of its title "THE SUPER GUITAR OF LIGHTNIN RED"  The wonderfully absurd cover art and the 50p price tag. was more than enough to make me think - 'Why on earth not?'

When you get these whimsically acquired oddities home however, you will quite often find that 'Professor Gilbert Plays Hits Of The 60s' on his Hammond organ' does not have that one, out of sorts drum heavy Hammond instrumental track that you had hoped it might and that record that really looked like it promised some acid tinged Hungarian Folk actually turned out to be some kind of Hungarian operatic gubbins.

So what makes this never ending dig through piles and piles of must and dust so worth while? Well sometimes, not always but sometimes you hit the jackpot! To quote the foot not at the bottom of the back of the LP's cover sleeve; " Folk down around Texarkana way say, 'Give ole Lightnin Red anything with strings on it an he'll sure as hell play it'. His use of wha-wha and other electronic gear is employed to the fullest measure - but his full artistry comes from the incredible speed of his fingering. Listen to his fingers pushing notes through his amplifiers. Add swinging brass and the colours of lush strings and you have a setting for the best of Lightnin Red"

Well that's got to be worth a go hasn't it? 

Lightnin Red may be another covering the popular hits of the day but he has served them up with a huge sugar coated dose of raw funk!


1) America
2) Put your hand in the hand
3) Frankie & Johnny
4) La Bamba
5) Pappa's got a brand new bag
6) Bahia
7) Jericho
8) Perdido
9) Funky Friday
10) Caravan

Funky Friday

Pappa's Got A Brand New Bag


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Funky Canned B-Sides

After recording the Funky Canned Meat Mixtape, I thought to myself 'what shall I do next?' Well what else could I do but flip um over and start again! 

This mix is mostly compiled of the B-sides of records from the Funky Canned Meat mix, with a few others thrown in. 

If you are wondering what the tracklist to Funky Canned Meat is? Try and work it out from this!

Subway - Subway (1972)

Looking at the cover of this album you would be forgiven for thinking that you were gazing upon the latest musical offering, from some kind of neo-medieval band of travelling minstrels or perhaps even the soundtrack to a 1970s film detailing the sexual escapades of a dragon slayer and his fiddle playing companion; who are on a quest to find a golden skull - all the time a-rootling and a-tootling throughout their merry journey. However, what you are in fact looking at my friends, is a rare and beautiful beast indeed. 

Subway were a half American half British duo that set out from here in good old Blighty in an attempt to make it in France, legend has it that with little money the duo resorted to busking in the Parisian subway stations in order to gain an income (hence the name of the band).  The duo, who played all of the instruments featured on the album then recorded and released it in very limited numbers.  Sadly, sales of the album were poor and the unsold copies were melted down and recycled (a common and often tragic practice of the time) now thankfully reissued, for those who have a mind too enjoy it.

Sweet, beautiful, progressive and dark around the edges, this uber rare folk gem may lie in the meadow face up smiling toward the first rays of summer sun but its feet are firmly planted in the dark cool shade of the gooseberry bush where mischievous Imps and Dark Elves congregate to play brooding bass lines, bang drums, brew up strange looking foul tasting mushrooms and raise hell. 

Turn off the lights, pour yourself a glass and remember: life is a strange and tasty brew.


1) I Am A Child
2) Song For Sinking Shelters
3) Warm You Are
4) All The Good Things
5) Enturbulaton - Free From
6) Arizona Sands
7) Rosanna Of The Roses
8) Can I Trade With You My Mind

I Am A Child

Song For Sinking Shelters

Enturbulaton - Free From