Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Buffets - Saucy Jack

"On the afternoon of Sunday April 3rd, 2005, SISTER TIFFANY LEE flew in from Seattle and THE BUFFETS had their first rehearsal. On Monday the 3rd the girls recorded their debut album, and on Tuesday the 4th it was mixed and considered great. On Friday the 8th they played their first and final show with their male counterparts, THE BUFF MEDWAYS, to a full house at London ’s famous Dirty Water Club. Next day, Sister Tiffany flew home again. This is the record of that brief moment in rock and roll history. It was a hectic week but one that will hopefully encourage others to do less, quickly."

A fantastic tale of Rock ‘n’ Roll legend!  However I fear it may be somewhat of a tall one: Very little information can be found about this band and that may be no accident; For The Buffetts - put together by Billy Childish in 2005 and consisting of Sister Tiffany Lee Linnes: vocals and guitar (Ex Stuck-ups singer), Nurse Julie: bass and vocals (Chatham Singers) Matron Bongo: drums and vocals (Ex Headcoatee/Dutronc/Speed Of Sound) - may not have actually played their instruments on this album. 

As with a lot Childish/Medway era Garage Rock revival bands put together by Childish, The Buffets were the female counterparts to an all male outfit The Buff Medways and covered all Buff Medways material.  As was the case with other bands of this ilk such as The Headcoatees and The Delmonas, it was the original all male band that provided the instrumentation whilst their female counterparts simply provided the vocals - I suspect this may have been a similar set up.

DO NOT let that thought put you off though because the music The Buffets provide on this album is pure, wild, frenzied, full of piss & vinegar Rock ‘n’ Roll that smashes, bashes, thumps and rolls its way through town, flattening every plastic punk, piece loving hippy and briefcase carrying business man in its way with out discrimination.  The Buffets have nothing to prove, they care for nothing and want nothing.  They are a snarling, frantic beast that could only have ever lived a short life. The entire purpose of their existence being to record these fourteen drum heavy fuzzed out rock ‘n’ roll punk songs, then after a solitary live performance they crawled off to die alone in the dark, damp, piss and vomit stained ally from which they were born, leaving only this album as their legacy but what a legacy to leave. This is Saucy Jack.

Misty Waters

Troubled Mind

Just 15

Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

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