Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Seriously neglected blog ang gigs for the bhuna

Ive been neglecting this blog to no end I know. Ive been super busy with DJing etc. Kendal Calling and the Sailor Jerry bar were amazing!!! Big thanks to all involved. Beckfest this weekend plus .......

Solfest on the 18th Aug

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 19th Aug

Audio Soup Festival on the 27th Aug

15th Sept @ The Melting pot

Stig of the dump (forgot the date for that one oooops) Sept?

DJ Woody @ The Brickyard 1st Oct

Plus Ive Joined a band Charles of the Ritz. We have gigs on sept 10th @ The Brickyard and Gigs on the 13th and 14th of ocober in Glasgow and Edinburgh !!! So im a busy bee. Will try to update the blog properly soon!!!!!!

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  1. Wow looks like things are going well for you.Oh but Please don't forget your mixtape fans!Trish